Wednesday, November 3, 2010

34...37...and windy!!

It's only the beginning of November and already it is hot! 34 yesterday 37 today!

Today Neil rang me at work to say there was a fire up the back...and the was warm ash landing in our garden. So I told him to get a bag ready.

By the time I got home - the wind had changed direction and the fire was going the other way but we went and had a look anyway.

The houses in the street just below where we were standing have been evacuated down to the local Recreation Centre.
The wind will shift back to our direction in the morning so we will have to see what happens then. Apparently it was deliberately many of the bush fires over here. We will have to watch the News to find out more info.

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nadine said...

oh man that's a little scary! Glad to know your ready to go if you needed too.