Thursday, February 16, 2012

A trip to Sydney

At the beginning of January, Mum turned 70. So we decided to all meet in Sydney to Celebrate her Birthday. Nadine and Mum came from New Zealand, Sarah and I came from Perth and Lloyd and Gabby were already in Sydney.

Sarah had a great time hanging out with her cousin Gabby. They spent time colouring in, playing with Barbies, Running around outside and bouncing on the Trampoline.  And they had sleep over’s together at night time.

 Sarah also enjoyed meeting her cousin Jayden.  She followed him round and chased him across the park.  Jayden pushed her on the Swings and took both Sarah and Gabby off for a little bush walk.

On Mum’s actual Birthday – we went to the Park for the day. We met up with my nephew Jayden and his Mum Yvette. The Kids (cousins) had a lovely time together – while the oldies sat under the tree and enjoyed the warmth of the day.
 Here's Nadine, Lloyd and I
 And with Mum
 Mum and her Grand-children.
 We finished the day off with KFC for dinner! Not the best Birthday Tea for a 70 year old......but I think Mum liked it anyway. We presented her with a Photo book that was all about her life which has been well looked at.
 On one of the days – we took the train into Sydney – have a look at the harbour, Bridge and Opera house. Nadine and I were quite surprised at the extra buildings that were not there the last time we visited Sydney. We enjoyed a wander around and a huge ice-cream before heading back to my brother’s house.

Although it was a really quick trip - Nadine and I managed to squeeze in a spot of shopping - which was loads of fun.
It was fantastic to see them all – but not long enough. Looking forward to my next trip home.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Honey Dog has a Sore Toe!

When we go out walking after dinner - Honey Dog likes to take off and run as fast as she can. She does not go to far - the turns around and tears back to us. We walk around the corner to a little park where Sarah can have a play on the swings then we wander home again.

Near the park - there are a couple of big drains that Honey often gets into......we try to keep her out of them - cause she gets a bit wet and sometimes smelly....... anyway - a couple of nights ago - she was doing really good at staying out of the drain....but the minute we turned our back - she was straight in there. So by the time she got all wet we just let her go for it.

She went back to the drain and a few seconds later - she came out limping - and would not put her foot on the ground. So we went home. She did not yelp and we could not see anything - and she let us touch it.....but it was obvious it was sore.

The next morning she would still not put it down - so it was off to the vets with her. Turns out she has broken her toe - so now has to have it strapped up for the next 6 weeks.