Thursday, February 9, 2012

Honey Dog has a Sore Toe!

When we go out walking after dinner - Honey Dog likes to take off and run as fast as she can. She does not go to far - the turns around and tears back to us. We walk around the corner to a little park where Sarah can have a play on the swings then we wander home again.

Near the park - there are a couple of big drains that Honey often gets into......we try to keep her out of them - cause she gets a bit wet and sometimes smelly....... anyway - a couple of nights ago - she was doing really good at staying out of the drain....but the minute we turned our back - she was straight in there. So by the time she got all wet we just let her go for it.

She went back to the drain and a few seconds later - she came out limping - and would not put her foot on the ground. So we went home. She did not yelp and we could not see anything - and she let us touch it.....but it was obvious it was sore.

The next morning she would still not put it down - so it was off to the vets with her. Turns out she has broken her toe - so now has to have it strapped up for the next 6 weeks.

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