Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freo Funny!

Today we decided to have a Family outing. We decided to go to Freo (Fremantle) for a wander around. Neils cousin Paul lives there and we thought we might catch up with him too - but unfortunately he got stuck at work - so next time perhaps.

Freo was lovely - busy as usual and very touristy.

The story of the day was......................We had a bite to eat and a wander and ended up at the Round House - which is an 179 year old Stone Gaol. It is on a high hill and from there you can get some awesome views over the Port & Sea.
At 1pm everyday - they fire a Cannon from there as a reenactment of when they used to do it to let the ships know the time. They had two systems - the Cannon firing and a Ball dropping. One to signify local time and one to signify GMT.

Anyway - we just happen to arrive there about 15 mins before the Cannon fired - so we hung around to watch & listen........ at 12.55- we were all hearded back behind the safety line and given the spiel about it all, told to cover our ears and then there was a big count down.......10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....BANG! (not)

Ohhhh - it didn't fire!

That was a disappointment.

So the lady scurried around - and we tried again.........awww NO BANG!

OK - she'll just check this and that and plug that wire in we go........awww NO BANG!

So - that was we went. As we were leaving there were people hurrying up there to see it. But Ana said...... "Sorry - you just missed it - it was Awesome"!

We finished our wander and came home, stopping on the way for Ice creams.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kindy Days

As you would have seen on a previous Post - Sarah is now at School (Kindy). She has just finished School holidays and is so happy to be back at school. Although she was exhausted afterwards yesterday.

During the holidays they sent home her School Portfolio of her work so far. It's so cute - so I thought I would put pics of some of it here for you to see.