Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freo Funny!

Today we decided to have a Family outing. We decided to go to Freo (Fremantle) for a wander around. Neils cousin Paul lives there and we thought we might catch up with him too - but unfortunately he got stuck at work - so next time perhaps.

Freo was lovely - busy as usual and very touristy.

The story of the day was......................We had a bite to eat and a wander and ended up at the Round House - which is an 179 year old Stone Gaol. It is on a high hill and from there you can get some awesome views over the Port & Sea.
At 1pm everyday - they fire a Cannon from there as a reenactment of when they used to do it to let the ships know the time. They had two systems - the Cannon firing and a Ball dropping. One to signify local time and one to signify GMT.

Anyway - we just happen to arrive there about 15 mins before the Cannon fired - so we hung around to watch & listen........ at 12.55- we were all hearded back behind the safety line and given the spiel about it all, told to cover our ears and then there was a big count down.......10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....BANG! (not)

Ohhhh - it didn't fire!

That was a disappointment.

So the lady scurried around - and we tried again.........awww NO BANG!

OK - she'll just check this and that and plug that wire in we go........awww NO BANG!

So - that was we went. As we were leaving there were people hurrying up there to see it. But Ana said...... "Sorry - you just missed it - it was Awesome"!

We finished our wander and came home, stopping on the way for Ice creams.

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