Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Sarah, Happy Birthday To You!!

Sarah has had a lovely Birthday. We started this morning with gifts and singing in bed. She was quite excited and yelled "Yay" as she ripped into the paper wrapping.

We went to visit some people on a farm and saw some Alpaca's - that Sarah called Sheep. It was very dusty and we all got filthy. Sarah loved playing with the dog - throwing lemons for the dog to fetch.

Later, we had a party afternoon tea - with lollies, chippies, Cake and other party food. Sarah had a Butterfly Cake that she picked all the lollies off. She loved it when we all sang Happy Birthday to her. Sarah was given some lovely gifts including - a Dressing gown, a bag with lots of goodies in it, a singing Teddy Bear, Play Doh, Clothes, a Tea Set and Fairy wings.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Working at the Car Wash!!

Last weekend Sarah helped Neil clean the new car (another one). Sarah spent most of the time in the bucket. First a hand, then another hand. Then a foot, then two feet - oh well - might as well sit down! It was lots of fun!!

The new car is a light blue Ford Fairmont. So now we have 2 x cars - both very similar. So we have given them names. The Fairmont is called Bluey and the Falcon is called The Coon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Garage Sale-ing.

We had a very busy day today - driving round Perth calling into all the Garage Sales that we saw. The first one we stopped at had bargains galore! We got a Kettle, Vacuum Cleaner, Dish Rack, Little bike for Sarah, a Glass Chess Set for Neil and a Cup holder for the kitchen. Bargains!

A bit later - after a few stops - we found another bargain. A lounge suite. It is a two seater & a one seater. It's light green. So we had to go and get a ute to bring all our purchases home.

New Car!!

Today we got a new car. It's a Silver Ford Falcoon!

We said to Sarah - "What do you think of our new car"?

She replied "Big Big"