Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Leg - a little funny.

For a little while now - Sarah has been coming to me and saying "Mummy I have Happy Leg". And shows me her leg. Everything looks normal - so I just rub it, kiss it and send her on her way.
But then she is back - "Mummy I have Happy Leg"
Finally - I have worked out, that she gets Happy Leg when she sits on her legs - we call it Pins & Needles!
So I told her if she sits on her Couch or Chair then she won't get Happy Leg any more.
Funny aye?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daddy & Sarah Painting.

Neil decided to have a painting session with Sarah. As you can see they both had a ball.

They did a great picture together - that once dry I put in Neil's bag - to take back up to the mines.

By the end of the session they were both covered in paint!

It was so Day Care, they paint their hands then stamp them on the paper.... so when Neil painted Sarah's nose she bent over and tried to stamp it on the paper.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chilling Out.

Those of you that know Sarah - know that she LOVES Dora the Explorer. I thought I'd share this picture of her watching Dora.

She hardly even budged when I took the pic. In fact at first I thought she had fallen asleep - but no - she was just chilling out in front of TV.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Toned Wheels

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I attended the SU Regionals (Perth) in September. There we saw a range of Project demo's by other Demonstrators.

One of them was on Two Toned Wheels (done by Cathy). I thought it was quite cool so decided to have a go myself. I did two colour combo's. The first was Brilliant Blue & Taken with Teal. Using the Something Fishy Wheel I did this card.

The second colour combo was a Christmasy one. Old Olive & Real Red. I made this Christmas gift pocket. It has a pocket inside that could be used for gift vouchers or a personal message.
Thanks to Jenny for lending my her All About Christmas Wheel too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Klass Act Stamping Night

Coming up on the 6th December, four of us from the SU Stamping Team I belong to (Klass Act) are pitching in to take part in a Xmas Gift & Craft Fair at the Cannington Exhibition Centre.

We will be doing Demonstrations, Make & Take projects, promote ourselves and what we do plus selling a range of goodies that we have made.

We have been having weekly get-together's to make all out goodies and to plan out our Show Stand. It's going to be awesome.

Here is a pic of (L to R) Tracey, Sarah & Jasmine hard at work making goodies.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Roses for Mum.

Mum - Here are some pic's of the Rose's at the front of our house. As you can see they are in full bloom and looking lovely. Such a nice out look and refreshing to come home to.

Halloween Dress Ups & Party's

Sarah had a Halloween Dress up day at Day Care yesterday. I don't think she really knew what it was all about - but went in her star cape that I had made. They had a special lunch - which were Treats that they had made.

After Day Care she had been invited to a Halloween Party with all her friends from Play Group.
They played Musical Chairs, had a lolly hunt and a Pinata. Lots of fun.

This is (L to R) Tom, Sarah, Hayley, Te-ann & Lauren

Sarah also enjoyed the Dora DVD at the end which was designed to give the kids quiet time and calm them down before going home.