Sunday, March 30, 2014

8 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday to Sarah

Ana said..........Today my sister is 8, within those 8 years she has developed, so far, into a bold and sassy young lady with a grand sense of humor and a kind and compassionate heart, I always look forward to adventures with her.

Here is the adventure of her Birthday Party........
The decorations are up and the food is's a Rainbow, Sparkle, Dress Up Party.

The Costume is on....... it's Draculaura

Rainbow Food is served.............

Sarah and all her Friends......

Aunty Shiree dressed as a Dragon...........

The Cake...........

Sarah enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Weekend to End Womens Cancer - 60km Walk

I have had a busy couple of weeks....well weekends really....


As many of you have heard, I completed the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer Walk last weekend.  And I had a great time doing it.

 It was 7.00am on Saturday that we started out from McCallum - after an address from a man in a Pink Tutu (who happened to the be the head of the Harry Perkins Institute) and some inspirational words from a Cancer Survivor, Lee.

 Day One of the course took us round Mill point and past the Zoo, along Como beach, across the Canning Highway bridge, down Matheson Road, through Ardross to the Esplanade and back over Kwinana Freeway, past Collier Park Golf Course, through South Perth back to McCallum Park.
 Lee that addressed the walkers at the beginning of the day, ended up being my walking companion for last 7km on day one……she inspired me to keep going and we chatted all the way.
I came in on day one tired but not sore.  Then I snuck off home to rest.

Day Two, the course opened at 6.30am – we went across the Causeway and under the bridge, around the WACA, up into Northbridge.  There were lots of strays, making their way home from the night before!!  We then headed towards Mount Lawley, through Hyde Park, through Leederville and along the Mitchell Freeway.  We went around Lake Monger, past Subiaco Stadium and down through Kings Park.  We walked along Mounts Bay Road and over the Narrows, along the South Perth Esplanade back to McCallum Park.  I finished up with a couple of small blisters – but not too bad overall. 

I had some company on Day Two - my friend Michelle said she would walk the first 5km with the 5km mark she was feeling pretty good and said she would walk 10km she said - yeah - I'll keep the time we got to the 20km mark I said - you might as well just keep going.  So we crossed the finish line together.

The entire weekend was a lot of fun.  The event was very well organised, with plenty of food, water, support and cheering along the way.  

A total of $2.2 Million was raised for Women’s Cancer Research with 845 Walkers.
I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to those of you that donated to this cause. You helped me to raise just over $2100.  The money we raised is being used right now for new equipment and research staff to fight cancer.

 And – I enjoyed it so much…..I want to do it all again next year.  With some friends, I am putting a team together – cause it’s so much easier to walk with a buddy or two.  So if anyone is keen to join us in a year’s time, let me know.   


Here are a few pic's from the weekend......
2014-03-15 06.02.22
These are all the tents that the participants stay overnight in......2014-03-15 07.03.38
The start line.
2014-03-15 07.22.52
2014-03-15 07.28.53
As we all set off...
2014-03-15 09.53.49
Lunch stop
2014-03-15 12.52.42
Me at end of Day One
2014-03-16 06.44.48
The camp from the Causeway with all the walkers starting on Day Two2014-03-16 08.10.24
Some of the Cheer Team
2014-03-16 08.18.25
2014-03-16 08.18.35
Selfie at the Pitstop
 2014-03-16 09.57.37
Man in a Tutu
 2014-03-16 11.43.13
Going along the Swan River
 2014-03-16 11.55.16
One little helper
2014-03-16 12.15.33
Michelle crossing the Narrows
Michelle and I walking the last 1-2km

2014-03-19 10.36.28

So as you can see - it was a great weekend and a great achievement- walking 60km.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pink Unicorn Excitement!!!

There is much excitement in the household this afternoon! 

Sarah and I have just returned from New Zealand and found that Neil has been very very busy while we have been away.  So exciting!!

Sarah walking into her New Pink Unicorn Bedroom
She jumps for joy and squeels with delight

Neil and Sarah check out the feature lighting
 I love the Unicorn Wall Art - it's Silver Metallic and very cool.  The lights around the Mirror change colour or you can set them to one colour if you like - they have a little remote control to change the colours.  So cool!

A massive Unicorn to enjoy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Everything!!!

Hi everyone - Happy Everything!!
I have to say that cause since I last posted anything we have had - Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Holidays and now it's even Easter!!
Can you believe it?? It's pretty much April already.  So - over the next few days I will try to catch up on the last 3 - 4 months of News.

First up - I wanted to share with you a couple of pic's of something that brightened the day for a few people.

Ana decided to go to work one day dressed in her Elephant she did.  The kids at Day care loved it and people on the train were not quite sure about it.  But we thought it was funny.  It was great - till the train got busy - then I think it got a bit hot!!

At the end of November, we went with Auntie Shiree, Shayla and Lillie-Rose to the Wiggles Farewell Tour Concert.  It was awesome.  I was wrapped - they even did my favourite Song!!  I'm pretty sure Sarah loved it too.

So as you can see we got up really close.  Sarah danced and dance.  It was a fantastic, energetic and happy show.  Love love loved it!!  The end was sad - cause they were saying Good bye - and they will definitely be missed.  Fabulous!!