Monday, March 30, 2009

Lip Stick!!

What a beautiful little Girl. And don't you LOVE the LIPSTICK!!

I was busy doing something the other day when I heard this little voice beside me saying "Mummy - I pretty like you"!
Looking down I saw this beautiful face.

So we went outside and took some pic's - then we cleaned up.
Lucky for me there was no lipstick on floors or furniture. But I do have to put my handbag up high now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Mail.

I'm quite lucky to receive a bit of Happy Mail from time to time. Here's a couple of things I've received lately.

Firstly, I received this lovely card from Jacque. (Hi Jacque, Waving).

I used to attend Jacque's Card Making Classes each week in NZ. And I loved them. Alot of the projects I have done in my classes have been inspired by Jacques work. And for me, becoming a Demonstrator was largely inspired by Jacque too.
Thank you for the lovely card Jacque and Yes - I will see you in Canberra.

I also received this chain from my SCS Secret Sister, who told me, she has one herself. It hangs over a lamp in her scrap-room to remind her to stay imaginative. It has butterfly wings inside it. Thank you SCS Big Sis.

I do monthly swaps with Kim & Nadine that bring me a good deal of Happy Mail too. In the last swap I did with Kim the theme was "Inspired by something around the house"

This is one of the projects that Kim sent. As you can see - it is inspired by her Clown Tea Pot. Cool aye? The spots are all shiny and raised up. It must have taken her hours to make.

Thank you Kim.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cannington Craft Show

Yesterday Tracey, Sarah, Jaz & I took part in the Cannington Craft Show.

This is our stand – we had lots of beautiful Cards and Scrapbook pages on display.

Here is a great pic of Tracey & Sarah holding the fort while Jaz runs a Make & Take Session.

We had spent about 4 weeks making bits & Pieces for the show.

Pics of stuff we had made.

Having done the show in December it did not take us long to get organised & set up.

Jaz ran the first of our Demonstrations and Make & Take sessions. Here she is in Action.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visit to Armadale Reptile Centre

Today Nadine, Sarah and I visited the Armadale Reptile Centre. They have loads of Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Birds and Frogs.

Nadine got to hold 2 snakes.
First was the South American Boa Constrictor, which is 14 years old and is huge. It took 4 people (including Nadine) to put him away.

Second was a Carpet Python - that is common in the local area. They live in trees.

Sarah patted both Snakes.

Sarah really liked the Crocodile and Wombats. We had to visit both of them several times.

They had a few types of Frogs - they were all cute. This one is stuck to the glass.

We had a great day out.

Preparing for the Cannington Craft Show

Sarah, Jasmine, Tracey and I are preparing for the Cannington Craft Show, which is coming up on the 14th March.

This week at our "Making" session we had a helper - Nadine. Here is a picture of the girls hard at work.

(L to R) Nadine, Sarah, Jasmine & Tracey

If your in Perth on 14th March, come along and see us at the Cannington Gift & Craft Fair. We will also be doing some Stamping Demonstrations and you can even make a card to take home. See you there.