Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have had a happy and festive time. We had a lovely Christmas Day – it was HOT so there was lots of swimming, eating and lounging around.

Before Christmas we had several visits with Santa. First up we went to Sarah’s Day Care Christmas Party. It was at Whiteman Park which is a huge park about 15 mins away from our house. There are heaps of things there – pools, play grounds, craft places, traffic museums, RC Parks even a Wildlife park. Anyway – the Day Care put on a Sausage Sizzle and Santa came to see the kids.

This is Sarah sitting with one of the ladies from her Day Care - Kiarma. Sarah loves her.

Sarah waited and waited to sit on his knee......finally her name was called and she went and posed with him. Can you tell she’d dressed herself??

A few days later – Santa came to the Christmas Party that we had at Wednesday Play Group. We had a lovely party and the kids all sat on the mat and waited for Santa. On this day Sarah did not want to sit on his knee. She just wanted a present!!!
Sarah with her friends. (L to R - Sarah, Chloe, Lauren, Lilli-anne)

Waiting for Santa.

A few days later again......Sarah went to see Santa at the mall. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas....she said – "A present". So he said "Is there anything else you’d like"?......she said....."Ummm another present".

As Christmas got closer and we put up the tree, hung lights and put gifts under the tree – Sarah got more excited. When we put up the Tree and decorated it – she spent about 40 minutes walking round in a circle singing....Santa Santa Ho, Santa Ho Ho Ho. I’d hidden the gifts away as I thought if we put them under the tree too early she would get into them. So on Christmas Eve I got her to help me get them out one by one and put them under the tree. Every time we put a new present underneath she would scream and squeal with excitement. Christmas seemed to be taking forever to get here for her.....and I think she was beginning to think it would never come.

On the 23rd I said to her.... Santa will be coming in a few days. And she said....But it’s not snowing yet Mummy. Then she was concerned because we did not have a Chimdey (that’s what she calls it). So we went outside and showed her that we did have one. But she was very concerned with the size of it as it’s not that big.

Anyway – we left out some Biscuits, Fizzy Drink for Santa and some Water & Carrots for the Reindeer and she went off to bed nicely. The next morning – I think she had forgotten about it all cause she took a bit of coaching to get up and out of bed. I think when she got to the lounge she was still half asleep.

Santa had been to our house...and it did not take long before the lounge was covered in Christmas paper and gifts. We then spent the next few hours discovering all the gifts. Neil painted Sarah’s fingernails with her new Nail Polish. The bubble machine was a big hit too. She had a spin on her new bike....but will need a bit more encouragement before going alone.

We got all cleaned up, dressed up and went round to Nana’s for another round of spoiling. By now Sarah was an expert at ripping into presents. She was given (among other things) a lovely little dolly and a flash pushchair. She loves them and has taken then everywhere.

In the afternoon we went to Neil’s sister’s house – where we were spoilt again..... and ate the rest of the day away. It was pretty hot – just over 35 degrees – so we had a few swims too. We had to tag team in the pool – because Sarah loves the water and would stay in the entire one adult got out – she would go to the next person and ask....Do you want to go for a swim with me.

Here she is relaxing in the sun with her cousin Cody – who got a Hammock for Christmas.

We had a great day – the words HOT, eating, swimming and relaxing sum it up.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our New Ride....

As some of you know, our car died recently so we have been looking round for a new car. We found one.....we picked it up yesterday.
It's a 2008 Toyota Aurion - Dark Silver. It's got all the bells & whistles that we a few others probably, so we are motoring again.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Shower Ready

I just thought I would pop in here and share this cute pic I took of Sarah tonight.

Sarah has decided that she can't have a bath any more. She said "My baths too big and I can't fit". I know that does not make sense....but she means she thinks she has grown to big for the bath now and can't fit in it any more. At one stage she said......"My bum will get stuck"!

Anyway - when she was at Nana's the other day she found this in the draw and has decided it's her Shower Cap. She loves it. The cap thing she has is actually a food cover thing.....but it's a good size for her head.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Party, Party, Party

What a busy day we had.....with Parties.

Firstly, this morning we went to Alyssa's 5th Birthday Party at Hungry Jacks (same as Burger King). Alyssa is one of Sarah's friends.

Here's all the kids with their Party hats on. They played Party games before munching on Chips & Cheese-burgers.

Alyssa (on the right) preparing to blow out her candles.

Then we went onto another Birthday Party. It was for Denise's 30th Birthday. Denise and her daughters go to the Playgroup that we go to on Wednesdays. This is the beautiful Denise.

The party was a Hawaiian very colourful. Lots of fun. Everyone looked great. Sarah was very happy to see her friends. Here she is with Chloe.

Sarah appears to have taken over the Karaoke......although I can confirm she did share with everyone. And they danced too. The funniest bit was Sarah doing the Bird Dance. She definitely has the moves.

Sarah enjoyed her first few Swims of Summer....... shivered heaps ....but still would not get out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Look what I can do Mummy!

Cheeky you can see Sarah is coming up with new things everyday. She has been very concerned with "Our Bodies" lately and what is inside them. She's been asking things like...."Why do we have bloods"?
And...."What's in by my heart"? And saying things like....."But we don't cut each other, do we"? So I explained that Special Doctors do the cutting. So then she asked....."But won't my bits come out"? Of course the answer the that is that the Special Doctors also do special sewing.
NOTE:.... I don't know how or why she learnt to climb the door frame!


Far out!! I can't believe it's been so long since I've put something on here.....I mean I know I've been absent but three whole months have flown by! But....I'm back. And I have heaps and heaps of Show & Tell.

But first....I thought I would start with something funny and unbelievable!

We have a few...............................1000 that is.......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indulging Sarah.

Further to my last post ......

This morning I got strict breakfast instructions.

Chocolate Toast (which is Nutella between two bits of bread)
with....Cheese, Raisins & Rice Bubbles. (That's inside the sandwich)!

Cut the crusts but NOT the bread.

MMmmmmmm Yummy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want something to eat!

"I want something to eat" seems to be the phrase I hear most often at the moment. If it's not that then it's "I want something to eat" The other morning she even said it before she had opened her eye's! Some days I just don't seem to be able to fill Sarah up!
Sometime she get's impatient with me and get's in the pantry herself.

Other times she even makes her own sandwich!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


It's cold man! We are definitely having winter here.

We are having a pretty stormy time. This morning when we got up the ground outside was WHITE!

It had just bucketed down and the Hail on the ground was quite thick. Here are some pics.

It's been freezing all day. Low = 8.1 & High = 14.3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pea's Anyone!

For those of you that know our’d know that we struggle to get her to eat vegetables. Unless it’s her usual Potato & Carrot that is. However for the last month or so – every now and again she asks for some peas. Frozen Pea’s. So I give her about 6 – 10 in a little bowl and she will even eat them.

Well last night while I was getting other vegetables ready...she decided to get her own Pea’s. Then I hear this little OHH OH from behind me. I think this is a few more than 6 – 10!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pajama Day at Day Care

On Friday it was Pajama Day at Day Care. So all the kids went in their PJ's. It was so cute. Not only did the kids Sarah's age have their PJ's on but so did all the little babies and the carers too.

Everybody enjoyed it too. They were all so happy and sounded as if they had had a great day.

Here's Sarah in her Dorothy PJ's - which is what she wore to group.

And then she would not take them slept in them......then would not take them off the next day wore them all day again.

Here she is being a poser.

Sarah had her friend Lauren over to play the other day too. I made them some playdoh. It started off being 5 different colours but soon ended up a bluey, greeny, gray colour.

The girls had a little picnic outside on the step and enjoyed playing aeroplanes on the lawn together.