Monday, June 15, 2009

Pajama Day at Day Care

On Friday it was Pajama Day at Day Care. So all the kids went in their PJ's. It was so cute. Not only did the kids Sarah's age have their PJ's on but so did all the little babies and the carers too.

Everybody enjoyed it too. They were all so happy and sounded as if they had had a great day.

Here's Sarah in her Dorothy PJ's - which is what she wore to group.

And then she would not take them slept in them......then would not take them off the next day wore them all day again.

Here she is being a poser.

Sarah had her friend Lauren over to play the other day too. I made them some playdoh. It started off being 5 different colours but soon ended up a bluey, greeny, gray colour.

The girls had a little picnic outside on the step and enjoyed playing aeroplanes on the lawn together.

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louise said...

What lovely pics of Sarah, especially love the PJ's