Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Family Member

When we first moved to Perth Sarah fell in love with a couple of friends. Right from the start she would hang out with them, talk and chatter and cuddle. Here she is with them in February 2008.

On Thursday, one came to live with us!

Here is Sarah with her friend Honey. Honey is three years old and they are great mates.

I just asked Sarah what she wanted me to write on here and she said...... I love Honey cause she is so beautiful and nice. And cause she does not bark. And sometimes she be's naughty and sometimes she be's good. And she plays with me but she does not play with Buddies Toys.

She said - Tell Grandma, I got a Honey Dog. And she's gonna stay with me forever and ever and ever.

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Tania M. Gould said...

Awww how beautiful!!! I'm so glad that Honey has such a wonderful little friend!!! Pets make the BEST friends I reckon! Thanks for sharing!