Monday, September 6, 2010

Fathers Day at the Kindy

As you know - it was Father's Day during the week they had a Father's Day afternoon at the Kindy. Neil went along and took the Camera with him too.

Here is Sarah running out to meet's a bit fuzzy I know - but that's cause she was moving so fast.

Hi Daddy!!

The children had baked Biscuits and Cakes for the Dads. And they had a Cup a Tea. Although Sarah calls is a Cuffatea - which is a mix of Coffee and Tea!

Here she is with some of her School mates.

They did some activities together - including playing in the tent.......which is tiny and I doubt Neil even squeezed his legs inside!!

Cheeky as ever!!


Tania M. Gould said...

Beautiful! What a special day and great memories she will have forever!

Wattsie said...

gosh she's growing up fast... hope you're all well? xx