Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swan View Show Day

Today the Swan View Show was on. So we went along to check it out.

It's kinda like an A & P Show. It's our local one - so it's kinda little. It's held at a local park just round the corner from our house.

They have a big one in Perth called the Royal Show - that was during the last school holidays - although we did not go to that.

We had a great time. There are heaps of things to see and do.

They have competitions for local Arts, Craft, Photography, Cooking, Fruit & Veges, Jams & Preserves, Home Brew & Wines, Flower Arrangements, Eggs, Woodwork, Pottery, as well as Livestock competitions for Cattle, Poultry and Rabbits.

There are also competitions for the school kids too - in Arts & Craft, Cooking, Flower Arranging, Poster Competitions, Sculpture, Handwriting competitions, Lego making, Finger painting and a Pet Parade too.

And then they have all the other things you can look at - like a little Pet / Animal Farm thing, Vintage / Classic Cars, Equestrian events, local singers and bands, displays from dance groups and kids gymnastics and marching.

Sarah got to hold a little bunny at the Animal Farm thing....they had baby chickens, ducklings, Guinea-pigs, rabbits, a pig, sheep and an Alpaca.

And don't forget the side shows, Ferris-wheels, bouncy castles and Candy floss stuff.

Ana took Sarah for a ride on a Camel. Sarah was keen to start with....but then when the Camels arrived from their last ride and she got on - she was a bit scared.

They got the Camels going quickly and she screamed for the first few minutes....but calmed down. And I made sure that Ana was hanging onto her to make her feel a bit more secure. By the time they got back - she has stopped screaming and did not look to scared. But she got off pretty quick.

Then the girls headed for the Ferris-wheels. Sarah went on the little one and Ana went on the big one (which turned her upside down).

Then Ana went with Sarah on the Kangaroo Ride which made them feel like they were hopping up and down. Ana got all the kids holding their hands up and screaming. To start off with they squealed like girls....but Ana said.....No scream like this......Arrrhhhhhh and demonstrated how to do it.

And....I was really pleased with how these pics came out - cause I took them with my phone. I had left my Camera at home so decided to give the phone camera a go. Considering that - I think they are pretty good.

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