Sunday, October 5, 2008

Round the House.

Last week we had our place sprayed for creepy crawlies. So here are a few that were trying to get away. Don't worry, we don't get any inside and now the house is protected against them.

The gardens have really taken off in the last few weeks. The trees have burst with new leaves and the bushy things are looking very green. I had 2 lonely daffodils brighten the front garden for a week or so and now have a row of Iris's. They are really bright and vibrant. The roses out the front are almost ready to burst into a mass of flowers too.

With all the new growth the tree out the front was heading towards the power lines - so I called the council - well "Shire" actually - which is what they call the council here. We had got a pamphlet in our Rates pack saying to call them if our tree was growing into the power lines. I called on a Monday and on the following Thursday they were there to trim the tree's - I was quite impressed with that response. So here's a pic of the guy trimming. While he did it - I quickly printed some pics out for him and gave them to him. I think he was chuffed!!

And this last pic of us bringing home a lounge suite....... it was one that someone was throwing out - so we decided to take it home for our outdoor area. Neil chucked it on top of the car and we drove home very slowly. Laughing all the way. We got some funny looks!!

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