Sunday, October 5, 2008


It was "Pet Day" at Day Care on Friday - all the children took photo's of themselves along with their pets. I sent along these pic's of Sarah.

Sarah & Puke (Our cat in NZ, now lives with Nadine. Although was Nadines cat to start with anyway).
Sarah & Tess. Dad's little dog. (Sadly she's no longer with us I'm afraid).
Sarah & Ayla. Nadine & Rob's child.
Left to right - Honey, Sarah & Buddy. Carol & Norm's dogs.

As you can see, Sarah loves animals and they love her. I think she would like a dog of her own. But that won't be happening! Looking at this pic of Sarah with Dad's dog Tess - I can't believe how much Sarah has grown and changed since this was taken. Poor Tess - Sarah walked (dragged) her round everywhere by the lead all day.
when we arrived at Day Care all the children were huddled round something outside - and they were squealing and jumping around. As we got closer we found they were looking at Hermit Crabs. One of carer's at Day Care keeps pet Hermit Crabs as pets. I'd never seen anything like them before - so I took my camera back in the afternoon to take a few pic's.

Apparently they can be brought at any of the local pet stores. They can be kept in a tank or a box but must have a salt water bath once a month to stay moist. They eat special "Crab Pellets" but also eat a selection of fruit and veges and even sometimes a bit of Honey and Peanut Butter!

They are about the size of an egg I spoze - like smaller than a tennis ball but bigger than a ping pong ball. Funny aye??

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