Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sports Day

I've just had the loveliest morning.....I went to the School Sports Day at Sarah's School.  It was heaps of fun - and I even got in on the action - but more about that later.  First - let me bombard you with some pic's of Sarah competing.
Here is the Ball Throw!
 Check out that form!
 The Teams each have little tents that they wait in before and after each event.  Sarah is in the Gold Team.
 There are a few novelty games - This one is a "Put the Flag in the Bucket" relay

 This is a run round the circle one........

And this is Sarah standing nice and still waiting to start the next game - as only Sarah can stand still!!
Throw the Ball game......

 Running Race......
 This is my fav pic of the day.....Sarah and her friend running.
  Waving the flag for the Gold team.
 Then after lunch - a play on the Monkey bars.

And remember I said I got in on the action????
Well here I am flying the flag for Mums and NZ (see my T-shirt)!

Huh!! Fun man - although I thought at one stage I was gonna end up face first on the ground....but I managed to hold it together!! Wheww!!

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