Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Party Time!

Today we had a big Birthday Party at our house! Sarah is turning 5.

I can't believe it - where has all that time gone? It's time for us to Celebrate. We had a Pink / Princess themed Party.

The Invites went out a few weeks ago........
Sarah had 9 friends come to help her party, squeal and eat loads of lollies.
She was very excited and received some lovely gifts - which she ripped into as soon as her friends arrived. Here she is below opening a gift.

We played a few games - Musical Statues, a Lolly Scramble and a Treasure Hunt we ate heaps
of yummy food like Tiny Cups and Saucers, Jelly Oranges, Mini Pin wheels and Fairy Bread.
And then there was Cake!
It was beautiful. All pink, with fluffy feathers and her name in big Pink letters round the side. On the top was a Princess Tiara (that had flashing lights on it) and the number 5. It was Chocolate inside - it was very Yummy.

hhhxzf\]]]] cvvvvvhfyuiyu888888888888888888890tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibnm,./;'''l;
Whoops - Sarah just wanted to write says...
I love you very much - thank you from inviting me, come again when it is my birthday.
nn/bnjip ,.bvhbhgjkhjbljbnnjjjjjjjjjnnnnnnnlbllnnnnnnn;
And this says......Thank you for coming, and have a lovely Christmas.
Sarah loved it when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.
Sarah played with her new things until bedtime.
One of the New Barbie's - it has 2 x Heads that you can change!
This is Sarah and her little friend Violet. Sarah was given a cooking set which included an Apron, Chef's Hat and some Pot Mitts. She loves them and wore them round most of the afternoon. With the Cooking things were a lovely cook book full of great Cooking ideas and recipes for Kids.
What a great day we had.

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