Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zoom Zoom Zoom!!

Last weekend, we had a great family week end out. The Red Bull Air Race was on - so we decided to go down and check it out.

On Saturday afternoon we sat beside the Swan River and watched the Aeroplanes buzzing around. They are so fast and fly really low over the river around a set course.

Floating on the river are a set of gates that they have to fly through as fast as possible. Each run takes just over 1 min. The fastest man wins.

We could see Jellyfish and Fish swimming by. They were so close that Neil tried a bit of fishing by hand.
The Police were there too.
At the end of the day the Air force did a flying display. Here they are flying in formation - above us and over the city. We had great views of Perth city on the other side of the River.
We manage to catch the last few Air Races of the day - and enjoyed it so much we decided to go back on Sunday for the final day of racing.
So on Sunday, after packing our Picnic Chilly Bin, Folding Chairs, Gazebo, Beer Chilly Bin, Blanket, Sun Block........etc - we set off for another day of racing.
The planes all put out a trail of smoke as they go around the course - which helps you to keep up with them - and you can also see if they are turning tight circles to get round the course faster or not. At times the course gets quite fogged up with smoke.
Through-out the day there were a number of displays by different air-craft. This is the Helicopter that was buzzing round all day - I think they were probably filming the action.
And Qantas did a fly over with their big plane that is decorated with Aborigine designs (sorry it's a bit fuzzy cause it was quite fast and I had trouble taking a pic of it).
Sometimes the planes in the Red Bull Air Race clip the gate things and as the air escapes they float down to the river. Then a little boat races out and fixes on a new bit and they inflate with air again ready for the next plane to start.
As you can see - the sun was shining - it was a beautiful day. We (and other race watchers) were pleased we took our Gazebo for shade and sun block too. It was a great atmosphere. It was fantastic - we had another awesome day out - and were all exhausted by the time we got home (mainly from carrying all our picnic paraphernalia).

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