Sunday, May 10, 2009

Neil's New Old Car.

Wow - what a busy & exciting few months we have had. We had my sister Nadine visit from NZ and it was Sarah's birthday. That was closely followed by a trip to NZ to visit our family & friends. And then I had a few wonderful days away at the Stampin' Up! Convention in Canberra.

And in the middle of all of this happening, we sold one of our cars too. On our return from NZ, Neil was looking through the paper at different things and came across a car that caught his attention. So off he went to look at it. He came home and said he wanted it. So the next day we went back to get it.

TA DAAA....Here it is.......

It's a 1969 Holden Premier. (Bloody good year)!

As you can see - it's Blue with a White roof. The Interior is Black leather - which is all embossed and pleated - so quite fancy. Sorry that's about the extent of my info on it.....motor or mechanical-wise you'd have to ask Neil about it - cause I have NO idea.

We looked on the Internet at the Original TV ad of when it came out....that was a laugh. The ad said....."with extras such as Mudflaps and Wing Mirrors". Yay Yay - we have Extras!

So this is not only Neil's New car but also his new project as he is restoring it. He started straight away and has dismantled the front part already. I'll be adding some updates on it from time to time and keep you posted on the progress.

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