Saturday, August 2, 2008

New House!!

Wow - July must have been a busy month because I did not add to my Blog at all!! But I have plenty to add now.
July kicked off with us moving into our own home. We got a moving company to help as Neil was up in Newman. Then Neil came home and we spend the next week unpacking and getting everything out of boxes. It was Full-On! It is soooo great to finally get unpacked!

We have 3 bedrooms and a large living area. Neil has an awesome Shed for his models and I have a great Craft room for Cards. Yippee!!

We love the outdoor area - it's huge. Fantastic for any time of year cause it's all paved and covered.
There's also a great play area for Sarah with a huge sandpit and lots of grass to play on.
The gardens are beautiful and will keep me busy - as will the Neil with the lawns.

We also love the amount of storage areas in the house. All the rooms including the family room, bedrooms and laundry all have floor to ceiling cupboards and shelving.

We are now going through the process of getting a new kitchen. Although the kitchen is quite functional - it is very bright!!
The funny thing is - we have got quite used to the colours. However - there is no cut out for a dishwasher - so it HAS to be changed!!

We are situation on a rise and over look a park which is lovely. There is a play ground in the park too which is just round the corner. We have polished jarrah floors throughout with carpet in the bedrooms and family room. We have ducted air conditioning to keep us cool in summer and gas heaters to keep us warm in winter. So everything we need.

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