Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah!

6 Today! 

 What a fabulous Day it was too!  There was so much going on - so it was a perfect day for a Birthday.

Firstly there was a bundle of gifts to be ripped open...... the best of them being - A Boy Barbie!

I'd asked my boss if I could go a bit later to work - so I could take Sarah to school and spend a bit more time with her in the morning - instead of the usual rush rush rush....... so we had heaps of time for Presents and play.  We (meaning "I") even built a Lego Car!   Oh man..... look at all those tiny pieces!

To top it all off it was Free Dress and Crazy Hair day at school - so I took Sarah to School with a container of Pink Cup Cakes to share with her class mates and Bright Pink Hair!!!  (Which I really hope washes out)!

Tomorrow we are off to the Fun Station with a couple of her Friends to play.   I made these little invitations for the friends that are coming - although it's not officially a Party - just a big play time with a cake!!

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Patrice said...

Look at that awesome pink hair! Happy birthday Sarah - enjoy your big play date today!