Sunday, November 27, 2011

Introducing......The New Sarah........

Wow - Easter - the last post I did. So much has been happening since then.....probably why I have not been here. Anyway - here I am now. I have heaps of things to post - but I did want to start with this one.

Come on down........Sarah!!

Here is Sarah with her new Hair Cut. She has been asking for quite some time if she can get a Fold. For those that don't know what a Fold's a Fringe. In Sarah's words, it's the bit that Folds over your face.

Sarah had been asking to get a Fold for quite some time. And in fact at the beginning of the year - we went to the Hair dressers to get it done - but when we got there she changed her mind.

So after about 2 solid weeks of asking I booked her in......and off we went. When she got there she said......Excuse me - can you wash my hair like my Mama's?

So they got her in the chair with the cape around her and laid her back to wash her hair. She loved it. Sarah smiled the whole time.

Once her hair was washed and combed out the Hair dresser clipped on a fake Fringe - so Sarah could see what it looked like. The hair dresser asked if she still wanted a Fold. And Sarah smiled widely and nodded.

So a Fold was cut.

Sarah got the full treatment - her hair was styled with a teeny tiny straightener, then some bits pinned back with tiny butterfly clips. Then it was sprayed with glitter. Sarah looked beautiful and she was very happy.

The following day Sarah showed off her Fold at her friends Birthday party.

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Patrice said...

Such a gorgeous little sweetie. Love the 'fold' story and Sarah's new fringe tooks perfect. Glad she loves it!