Friday, June 4, 2010

Mama took me to the Zoo today...

This is the Baby Giraffe at Perth Zoo.

Guess where we went today? My Mum is visiting us at the moment - so we decided to have a day out at the Perth Zoo.

We had a lovely day wandering around - it was warm but not too hot which was good. Here are some pics from our day.

Two of the Giraffe's - the smaller one here is the Baby from last year.

Stripey Horses - Zebra's really.

Sarah called these Turtles....but they are really Tortoise.

While we stood there - they all went off for a walk.

Sarah loved sitting on this Life-sized Galapagos Tortoise statute - she had remembered it from our Zoo visit last year.

This Orangutan had a 6 month old baby. They only have a baby about every 8 years.....then breast feed for about 6 years!

This is one of the Asian Elephants - he has great tusks.

Mr Tiger was sleepy.

Sarah and Grandma

Penguins - really cute...but quite smelly. And really fast swimmers too.

This is a Black Neck Stork also know as a Jabiru.

The big Croc was out in the sun.
He's huge - you know!
Mum got friendly with this Mama & Baby

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Wattsie said...

Your Mum is looking well Chantell. No pictures of you though. How you're well. x