Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trimming the Tree!

Merry Christmas! This morning we went and got ourselves a Christmas Tree. The original plan was to get a real one (like we did in NZ)...but they were so small and expensive that we decided on one in a box. Doesn't it look lovely.
Most of the decorations are in one area on the tree - cause that is where Sarah could reach. She enjoyed putting them on and playing with the tinsel. I asked her what else we need for the tree and she said "Presents".

She keeps saying "I miss Christmas". I remind her that Christmas will be next week and that the things we are doing now is just to get ready for Christmas.
She went to see Santa in the mall - sat on his knee quite happily. He asked what she wanted for Christmas and she said "Presents" so he said was there anything special she wanted....Answer: "Presents".

She also saw Santa at the Day Care Christmas Party...he must have been scary cause all the kids cried. One started...and that was it. They were all bawling. Since then even if we just walk past Santa in the mall Sarah covers her eye's and says "I NOT see Sana"

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