Sunday, September 14, 2008

D D D D Da Dora... D D D D Da Dora....

Wow - what a great weekend....starting with D D D D D Da Dora Show on Friday!
Sarah and I went to see the Dora the Explorer - Pirate Adventure Show!! It's was great. We really enjoyed it. We went with Michelle (my new friend) and her daughter, Alyssa who is 3.

These pics are of Sarah in her Dora Clothes (given to her by Alyssa). And at the Convention Centre - Waiting to go in.

The first thing that happened was "The Map" came out (to sing) and Sarah cuddled right into me and started to cry! Oh no I thought!

Then the show really started - and Sarah loved it. She waved her flag (Pirate flags provided) and danced and interacted with what was going on in the show. Great. Loads of fun.

BUT - every time "The Map" came on stage - she cuddled quickly in and started to cry!

At the end of the show - while talking about it, I asked Sarah "What did you like best"? And in a big loud shout she yelled "The Map"?

These pics show Sarah & Alyssa at the show and playing with the Confetti after the show.

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