Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Group

This is Sarah last Friday (27/06/08) getting ready for "Group" - well that's what she calls it anyway. Sarah goes to Day Care, two days a week and loves it. She has this little green t-shirt to wear and the hat too. They also give you a matching bag for her bits and pieces.

She loves it so much. Every time we drive past she says "Group please Mummy". So I have to explain that she only goes on Tuesday and Friday.

Sarah has made a couple of little Friends there. Travis - who is the son of one of Shiree's friends. Travis looks after her while she is there. When we arrive, he is there to greet her and sits with her at meal times too. She has a little friend Lilly - although Sarah calls her Milly and will not leave Day Care until she has waved to Lilly. She has also become quite attached to one of the Carers - Tasha. Sarah was quite upset a week or so ago when Tasha had a day off. And as soon as we get to Day Care, Sarah calls out for her.

But as I say...she loves it so much. Last Friday - when I went to pick Sarah up she did not want to come home and even had a little tantrum about it. She learns so much too. Every day that she gets home I notice little things that are new. Last week it was.... "I'm thirsty" I don't think I had heard her say that before. And one week I said to her - Come on, lets get the washing in.... and she replies "Oh, hang on a minute!' She is also learning things like STOP and WAIT. They are learning colours at the moment.

One thing Sarah loves to do at Group is the painting. Everyday they do some sort of Art. It's usually centered around whatever they are learning about - like RED or YELLOW... but she loves it. She's definitely got the idea... because yesterday, when we went to Carol & Norms, Carol gave her a container of felt-tips (texters for you Aussie's) and Sarah drew all over her hands and feet and tried to transfer it to the paper!! Oh what a mess!!! But great fun!!

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